100% ring Cashmere Luxury Scarf


100% Ring Cashmere Scarf 

Size:  Length 200cm * Width 70cm

Count: 200s 

Technology: 300 Cashmere Double Worsted Process 

Fabric: 100% Cashmere 

Weight: 60g

Cashmere introduction

What's is ring cashmere?  Ring cashmere is the top level in the cashmere process, not only its spinning and weaving process is extremely strict, but also the selection of materials is quite elegant. It is necessary to select cashmere with a length of more than 38mm, and the degree of fineness must be more than 200 super-combed to be called ring velvet.  Silky and silky, it is a high-end textile material and is the top choice for luxury manufacturers.  Ring cashmere, also known as the "king of cashmere", represents the top level of cashmere craft.  The selection of materials has high requirements on cashmere length and clarity.  Therefore, one ton of cashmere can only produce 2 kg of ring cashmere raw materials, and finally choose 4mm ultra-sleeve velvet which is combed more than 50 times.  The materials are extremely demanding.  Top-grade Arbas 100% pure cashmere is one of the thinnest and rarest ring cashmere materials in the world. In addition, Tibetan antelope cashmere has become the top choice for textile ring cashmere yarn.  A cashmere goat produces only 150-200 grams per year.  Due to the scarcity of production (only 0.2% of the world's total animal fiber production).  Excellent quality, the price in the transaction is considered to be "fiber gem".  "Fiber Queen", also known as "soft gold".  Due to geographical constraints, cashmere is produced in only a few countries in the world.  The raw material of the ring cashmere can produce ring cashmere, which only accounts for one tenth of the cashmere production, and must have a cashmere length of 38mm.  Just like the same diamond, it is also graded, the raw material for the production of ring cashmere, the grade must be the top of the cashmere.  Because its cashmere yarn is extremely delicate and light, the 100*220CM is oversized and shawl.  It is only about one fist.  It is extremely light, thin, soft and warm.  It can easily pass through a ring. At home and abroad, it is highly sought after by the upper class.

Cashmere Production


Why This scarf is so expensive?  Cashmere is a thin layer of fine velvet that grows on the outer skin of goats.  It is covered in the cold roots of goats.  It grows in the cold winter, resists the cold, and falls off after warming in spring.  It adapts naturally to the climate and is a rare special animal fiber.  Cashmere is very precious, not only because of the scarcity of production (only 0.2% of the world's total animal fiber production), but more importantly its excellent quality and characteristics.  In the transaction, it is considered to be "fiber gem". "Fiber Queen".  We use cashmere of the highest quality from Inner Mongolia, which is about 15.5 micron fine and 36-42 mm long.  Cashmere is softer than regular wool, which eight times warmer than sheep’s wool and 33% lighter.  Cashmere fiber which is fine in texture, strong, light, and soft .  Garments made from cashmere provide excellent insulation..

Only the top Cashmere Scarf have the luxury shine.

Available in a wide range of solid colors 100% cashmere scarf this Fashion High Quality Cashmere Scarf Men and Women offers superb value and is the perfect way to keep you warm on a chilly evening out whilst adding a dash of style to any outfit.  Consistently one of our best selling cashmere scarves.

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